ARC® Genesis is the most advanced room correction software from Anthem.

If your new or existing Anthem, Paradigm, or MartinLogan product is ARC or PBK enabled*, you can experience a new level of room correction technology and convenience by downloading ARC Genesis software.

* ARC Genesis is not compatible with older products that rely solely on RS-232 connections for data transmission. For legacy product support, please download ARC-1 software.

New Features Include:

  • Support for Mac & Windows
  • New target curve adjustment options, including deep bass and high frequencies
  • Save, stop, start, resume measurements, and remeasure individual speakers
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved algorithms
  • Set unique maximum correction frequencies for each set of speakers
  • Automatic speaker/subwoofer phase alignment for Anthem STR Series products

How does ARC work?

An audio system’s performance is always negatively affected by a room’s unique characteristics. The size and shape of the room, its construction, the furnishings, and other factors cause standing waves, resonances, and reflections that can color the sound played by loudspeakers. Utilizing proprietary algorithms developed by Anthem engineers, ARC Genesis creates custom correction curves that retain the favorable acoustic signature of speakers and remove negative room contributions. These custom filters are then used to program high-quality digital signal processing (DSP) technology embedded within compatible audio products.

What do I need to install ARC Genesis?

Any ARC® or PBK™ Microphone
Download ARC Genesis
For Mac or PC
Windows = 7/8/8.1/10
Mac OSX = 10.12 +

Expanded Compatibility

ARC Genesis® is backward compatible with many Anthem, Paradigm, or MartinLogan products that are ARC or PBK enabled (see full list of compatible products below). This third generation of ARC represents a major leap forward in room correction with the most comprehensive features ever. ARC Genesis transforms the audio performance of compatible speakers or electronics to the unique characteristic of any room. Proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software works in tandem with the calibrated microphone provided with your ARC enabled product to provide an astonishing improvements to the sound you hear.

ARC Genesis Compatible Products:

  • AVM 60
  • AVM 70 / 90
  • MDX 16 / 8
  • MRX Gen 2 (710 / 510 / 310)
  • MRX Gen 3 (1120 / 720 / 520)
  • MRX Gen 4 (1140 / 740 / 540 )
  • STR Integrated / Preamplifier

ARC Genesis Compatible Products:

  • Defiance V12 / V10
  • Defiance X15 / X12 / X10
  • Founder 120H
  • Millenia SUB
  • Persona 9H / SUB
  • Prestige 2000SW / 1000SW
  • PW 800 / 600 / AMP / LINK / Soundbar
  • Seismic 110
  • Soundplay
  • X-850

ARC Genesis Compatible Products:

  • BalancedForce 212 / 210
  • Bravado / Cadence / Forte / Unison / Verse
  • Dynamo 1600X / 1500X / 1100X / 800X / 600X
  • Expression ESL 13A
  • Illusion ESL C34A
  • Impression ESL 11A
  • MDA 16 / 8
  • Renaissance ESL 15A

ARC Genesis Key Features

Demo Mode: Experience the software first hand. Demo mode offers access to the full suite of tools without having an Anthem, MartinLogan, or Paradigm compatible product connected.

Assign Amp Channels: For products such as Anthem’s MRX audio/video receivers and AVM home theater processors, ARC Genesis allows you to configure the assignable amp channels from within the software, making quick work of setting up your receiver for zone 2 or height effects channels.

Set Up Bass Management: For products such as Anthem’s MRX audio/video receivers, AVM home theater processors, and STR preamplifier and integrated amplifiers, ARC Genesis not only optimizes the performance of your system, it also lets you set up bass management from within the software. To redirect bass to a subwoofer (below a speaker’s Crossover frequency), set the Send Bass to Subwoofer (or Low-Frequency Extension Slope) control to “Send bass to the sub.”

Customize Target Curves: With ARC Genesis’ Professional Mode, the target curves for the system as a whole, are adjustable using room gain, deep bass boost, and tilt controls. Individual sets of speakers allow for the adjustment of high-frequency roll-off and crossover frequencies and slopes. Subwoofers allow for the adjustment of high-frequency extension, low-frequency extension, and low-frequency extension slope.

20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Full-Range Room Correction for Each Set of Speakers: For products such as Anthem’s MRX audio/video receivers, AVM home theater processors, and STR preamplifier and integrated amplifiers, ARC Genesis allows you to set a different maximum correction frequency for each set of speakers, up to 20,000 Hz. For example, you may want to use room correction on your dipole electrostatic front speakers up to 400 Hz and your small in-ceiling height effect speakers up to ARC’s default of 5,000 Hz.

Multiple Measurements: Some devices allow you to create multiple measurement sets (up to four, depending on the device). We recommend more than one if some significant transformation predictably takes place within the room that can alter the room’s acoustic response. For example, take one set of measurements with a drop-down video screen deployed and another with the screen hidden, drapes up or down, doors open or closed, and so on.

Multiple Profiles: Some devices allow you to create multiple system profiles (up to four, depending on the device). For example, one profile can optimize your system as a multi-channel home theater with sub and another as a 2-channel music system without a sub.

Remeasure: If you’ve spent time working with ARC to dial in the performance of your system and later decide to upgrade your center channel or another speaker, ARC Genesis allows you to open a saved configuration file, remeasure only your new speaker, and update your target curves without needing to start over from scratch.

Pan and Zoom: ARC Genesis allows you to examine graphs in great detail. To zoom on a computer, place your cursor over the graph and spin your mouse wheel or choose Zoom In or Zoom Out. To pan on a computer, left-click on a graph and drag it to change position. On a touch screen enabled device, you press the Zoom In or Zoom Out controls or press and drag to pan.

Multiple Languages: Support for several languages is available under ARC > Preferences > Languages. To switch to a different language, select your preferred language from the Preferences panel, close the application, and restart it. At the time of launch, ARC supports Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish.

Quick Measure and Snapshots: Quick Measure allows you to experiment with speaker and subwoofer positioning and settings outside of ARC while monitoring the resulting acoustic response in real time. The snapshot feature allows you to freeze a curve to compare against subsequent changes that affect the acoustic response.

ARC: Frequently Asked Questions