What is Anthem Room Correction (ARC®)?

Anthem Room Correction (ARC) is an advanced room correction system developed by Anthem Electronics. The system has two parts, the first being ARC compatible products from Anthem, MartinLogan, and Paradigm. The second is the microphone and software that performs the measurements, calculates corrections, and uploads them to the audio device.

The software packages, ARC Genesis (for Mac and PC) and ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android), are free for download. ARC Genesis offers a full-featured demo mode that you can try for free today.

Anthem Room Correction puts the sophistication and power of an advanced audio lab in your hands so that you can achieve perfect sound at home. Our PHDs did the hard work, so you don’t need an engineering degree to use it. ARC is sophisticated enough to produce real results that you can hear, easy enough to be used by anyone, advanced enough to allow you to customize the settings, and professional enough to give you the kind of results you’d expect from software and hardware costing thousands of dollars.

ARC: Frequently Asked Questions