Download the world's best room correction.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) come in two flavors, ARC Genesis (for Mac and PC) and ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android), and both are free for download. ARC Genesis offers a full-featured demo mode that you can try for free today. If you're unsure which one will work with your product, please see our compatibility chart.


ARC Genesis Version 1.6.10 requires your MRX x40 or AVM 70/90 to be on at least Network Module Version 1.109.164 and Host Firmware Version 00.68. If you have Auto updates enabled, your MRX x40 or AVM 70 will update overnight to Network Module Version 1.109.164 or 1.111.182 (AVM 90). This update will include Host Firmware Version 00.68 for your MRX x40 or AVM or HD.73 (AVM 90) to unlock the most highly anticipated feature on the new MRX x40 and AVM 70/90 Series Models.

We are pleased to announce the release of ARC Genesis Version 1.6.10, including the newly developed Anthem Auto Phase, Distance, and Time Alignment for up to four independent subwoofers on the MRX x40 and AVM 70/90 (model dependent), adding to the capabilities and further refining the already outstanding performance of ARC. With the addition of phase, distance, and time alignment, ARC:G will now precisely integrate subwoofers into your system for the ultimate immersive listening experience.

If you have Auto updates enabled in the menu, the Network Module Version and Host Firmware Version should update overnight to 1.109.164 and 00.68 (MRX x40 or AVM 70) or 1.111.182 and HD.73 (AVM 90), completing the installation process the next time you power on your system.

If not, please follow the instructions below to enable Auto Updates on the MRX x40 and AVM 70/90. Once done, the unit will complete the installation process the next time you power on your system.

Front Panel Menu

  • Press Setup Button on Remote or Menu Button on Front Panel
  • Navigate to "Preferences"
  • Enable Auto Updates

We would like to ask for your help in furthering our pursuit of absolute performance. After calibrating your system, we would love to see your ARC file and hear about your experience.

After spending a few days listening to the results, we encourage you to please submit your feedback with the following link below.

We will look forward to your feedback and thank you for all of your loyalty to Anthem.

Download for ARC and PBK Microphone Calibration File

Should you require a manual download of your microphone calibration file, please use the form below.


ARC-1 Software v3.0.2

Only products below require ARC-1 software, all other products not listed below should use either ARC Genesis or ARC Mobile. Please reference the compatibility chart to make sure you download the correct version. If you require ARC-1, please enter your microphone serial number to download the bundled software with calibration file.


Products compatible with ARC-1:
Statement D1 / D2 / D2v
AVM 40-ARC / AVM 50-ARC / AVM 50v
MRX Gen1 (700/500/300)

ARC: Frequently Asked Questions