Advanced Settings:

When using ARC Genesis, it’s important to remember that the software will not always show every option that ARC has—it only shows options that match the capabilities of the connected audio device. Additionally, the Auto mode offers fewer adjustments than Professional. Because of this, you won’t necessarily see every control and setting listed below when using the software. Please note, the images on these page may not precisely match the version of the software that is currently available for download.

  1. Your First Time Running ARC
  2. The Welcome Screen
  3. The Quick Measure Tool
  4. Launch ARC and Choose a Device
  5. Configure Measurements
  6. Measure Your System
  7. Adjust ARC Settings > Set Up Speaker Profile(s)
  8. Adjust ARC Settings > Select Speakers
  9. Adjust ARC Settings > Set Speaker Levels
  10. Adjust ARC Settings > Adjust Targets
  11. Review Summary & Upload

ARC: Frequently Asked Questions